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Terms of use

Terms of the agreement

By accessing and using the Renting Zone app and website, you agree to accept, without modification, restrictions or conditions, all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. You acknowledge and guarantee your legal right to enter into this agreement and use the site in accordance with all terms and conditions found here.

Modify the terms

The Renting Zone App and Website works as closely as possible to provide the information on the Site and App as accurately as possible. However, some errors may occur from time to time. The Renting Zone app and website and any of our partners assume no responsibility for any error in the information contained in the site or application

The website and the app contain information about the services and products provided by the app and the Renting Zone website and any other party. The information and other materials on the website and application are provided in complete trust. By using the site or application, you agree and acknowledge that the site or application may make any update, change or amend the terms and conditions, customer service policy, or any information provided, at any time without notice.

The terms and conditions become effective as soon as they are published on the website and application, and they will not have any retroactive effect on any reservations made previously through it.

You must read these terms and conditions every time you visit the site or application to ensure that you are aware of all the above terms and conditions. Accordingly, continuing to use the site or application is your agreement to any change in the terms and conditions.

Booking terms

When reservations are made through the Renting Zone app and website, you fully comply with and agree to all reservation conditions imposed by the property, which include cancellation and no-show laws, and any other conditions imposed on you during the stay or reservation, including available services and / or products that Provided by the property (additional terms and conditions can be collected from the specific property)

Late arrival or no show

You should contact the Renting Zone app and website in case you wish to cancel your reservation (cancellable) before the reservation date arrives, but if your arrival is late for the date of check-in or if you cannot register on the day of your reservation, you should contact directly with the place of residence and inform them. If you fail to log in to the residence on the day of booking without informing them, the remainder of your reservation may be canceled and you may not be entitled to a refund, according to the terms and conditions of the place of residence.

Change or cancel a reservation

The cancellation policy differs between properties. Some reservations are not subject to change or cancellation, and some accommodations may charge certain fees for cancellation of reservations, while others allow for a full refund of the reservation amount. Please note that some bookings at certain prices or special offers are not eligible for change or cancellation. Some properties may also charge additional fees for early or late departure.

The policy of changing the reservation or cancellation of the residence is available on the website information page of the residence or under the item "reservation conditions", "cancellation policy" or the like, and in the reservation confirmation email and the reservation receipt. We advise you to check and read the cancellation policy and the no-show policy for the place of residence before completing the reservation process.

Regardless of the policy to change or cancel the reservation to the residence, the Renting Zone app and website reserve the right to charge certain fees for changing or canceling the reservation, as indicated on the site. Please check the property's terms and conditions before making reservations.

If you wish to review, amend or cancel your reservation, please refer to the booking confirmation email and follow the instructions contained therein, or contact the Renting Zone Customer Service team and application.

In the chalet / lounge

If some of the facilities booked upon your request are not available upon your arrival to your residence, we recommend that you file a complaint with the administration of the property. However, the Renting Zone app and website do not promise or warrant you the availability of any facilities that you have previously requested.

Website / app availability

The Renting Zone app and website use all means to ensure the readiness of the website and the application and to provide all related services, but they cannot guarantee its work continuously or without interruption.

Disclaimers of warranties and limitation of liability

The Renting Zone Website and Application do not own any warranties, either express or implied, regarding the content of the site and application, and have the right to waive all warranties in accordance with the maximum extent available in applicable law. Your access to and use of the software and other materials, or through the website or application, is at your personal risk. Renting Zone Application and Website do not make any guarantees about the accuracy or freedom of viruses for such programs.

Subject to applicable law, under any circumstances, the application and location of Gathern, its licensors, suppliers, and service providers do not bear any direct, indirect, incidental, special, disciplinary, or consequential or deterrent compensation of any kind (including by way of example). The example is not to limit the loss of profits or lost savings or revenues, or the loss or damage of data or information) that arise with any means of communication using or inability to use the Renting Zone application and website, whether on the basis of breach of contract, damage, neglect, or liability for the products or not. That is, even if you are notified of any possible damages. This includes any information, products or services obtained or through any contact on the site or application.

Acceptable use

When you use the Renting Zone app and site, you agree and agree to:

Use it only to determine the availability of services and products available on the site and to help you to make reservations legitimate or do business with us. You agree to use the site and the app only for personal and non-commercial use.

Use of the site services only for legitimate reservations

Be at least 18 years old and have the legal right to create a legal obligation

You will notify all other persons for whom you will make reservations on the terms that have been used with the reservation you have made, including all rules and restrictions applicable to them.

Not to make any imaginary or speculative reservations or in anticipation of demand. It is possible for the application and the Renting Zone website to cancel, without prior notice, all bookings to multiple destinations or destinations on the same date.

No distortion, change the front end of the appearance of the site or main program.

Failure to do any work that may lead to any intolerable or disproportionate pressure on the site, application or its infrastructure.

It is your personal responsibility to adhere to all of our terms and conditions which include, but are not limited to, full and timely payment of all amounts due with compliance with all rules relating to the availability of prices, products, or services, all fees.

Not doing anything that may cause harm, interferes with, disrupts access or harms the availability of content on the site, does not upload any files that carry viruses to the computer or any other symbols, or programs intended to intercept, destroy or limit the functionality of the site or application.

Not to post, distribute or download any defamatory, offensive, violating, harmful, threatening, abusive, twisted or racist material, or morally inappropriate or other illegal content or information, or send any series of spam e-mail, or material Spam or other forms of communication in large quantities.

Not to threaten, annoy, abuse, confuse, or attack the rights of others, including their individual rights.

Not to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the site or any account of a member on the site, or impersonate any person or distort the membership with another person

Failure to do, cause or allow anything that could violate the damage or conflict with the intellectual property rights of the site or any of our associated companies or other parties.

Also, not doing anything illegal can create any liability on the part of the Renting Zone app and website

Not to violate this agreement or any applicable legislation in any way.

Not to download or attach any files, programs or any other material protected by intellectual property rights laws or (any private or public rights) unless the user owns the rights or receives authorization and approval to use them as required by law.

Do not download or attach any files that contain any viruses, corrupted files, or any similar software or software that could cause harm to the operation of another computer.

Not to scan copyright, legal notices or designations of ownership in any downloaded file.

Failure to forge the origin or source of the software or other materials included in the downloaded file.

Not to advertise or offer to sell any goods or services, to conduct or send surveys, contests or a series of messages, or to download any file published by another user, and it should be noted that it is not permitted to promote it in these ways legally.

Not to use this site or application and any of its contents for such purpose.

Not to access, monitor or copy any content or information from this site using any robot, spider, scraper, or any other automated means or any manual operation without express written permission.

Not to violate the restrictions on the site or application, or any violation or circumvention of other measures used to prevent or restrict access to this site

Not taking any action that imposes, or may impose, on our assessment an unbearable or disproportionate burden on the site or application infrastructure.

Not to make a deep link to any part of this site for any purpose without the express written permission of us or to merge any part of this site to any other site without obtaining prior written permission.

Not to add, view, upload, modify, post, transfer, update or share of the following:

Information about another person that the user has no right to hold.

Unwanted information that causes serious harm to minors, racism, or that attacks the privacy of others, or is racially hated, or that degrades and encourages money laundering or gambling

Information that violates any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights.

Information that deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of this message or any offensive or threatening information.

Information threatening a unit, safety, defense, security, or friendly relationship with foreign countries or public order, or causing incitement to commit any recognized crime, or preventing the investigation of any crime, or causing insult to another country.

Information impersonated by another person.

If it becomes clear to the Renting Zone application and site that you have violated any of these terms and conditions, on the other hand, prove otherwise when using the site. It reserves the right to:

Do warn you that you have violated these terms and conditions, and ask you to stop this behavior.

Delete any materials or content that you may have published without warning you.

Take measures (including stopping, suspending or restricting your access) and preventing you from using the site and the application.

Cancellation of any reservations that you may have made without consulting you.

Report your activities to internet service providers or competent authorities.

Take legal action against you.

Copyright and trademarks

All contents of the Renting Zone app and website are copyrighted

The site and the application are available for personal, not commercial use. You cannot modify, copy, distribute, send, display, perform, reproduce, publish or create derivative works, transfer or sell any information, programs, products or services obtained from the site.

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