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Why book with Renting Zone app ? | Rneting Zone

Booking through the Renting Zone application helps you save time and effort in searching for the right place to stay for you by providing a varied list of real estate in the application, and the application also provides you with other features that help you make the appropriate decision, we review together the most important features in the application :

What is the Renting Zone app ? | Rneting Zone

It is an application that enables people to view and reserve short-term accommodations around the Kingdom

( Chalets, camps, rest houses, resorts, farms, villas, apartments )

  • Application features

o Safe and secure reservation in one minute

  • Search engine with powerful filters

o You can search hundreds of chalets, camps, rest houses, resorts, farms, villas, apartments and compare them .

  • Availability and prices

o You can know and availability (Chalets, camps, rest houses, resorts, farms, villas, apartments )

And their prices without the need to call any number.

  • Competitive prices

o Your reservation from the app usually gives you a lower price.

  • special offers

o Special and ongoing offers

  • Customer reviews and opinions

o You can see customer reviews and reviews

  • All the details

o You can see all the details of the place from the dimensions and depth of the swimming pool to the kitchen appliances and attachments and others in the unit details box

  • Payment methods are secure and multiple

Credit Cards - Mada - Bank Trans Booking through the application of the way Rintnqzone n

In Renting Zone, we made the reservation method easy for you and put in place tools for you to help you reach the right choice in easy steps, starting with:

  • Search and use advanced search tools to reach more accurate results
  • See all property information before booking
  • Multiple and secure payment methods

We start with the research:

  • Search (Home Page)

o Select your destination ( city )

o Then select the date of the event ( you can select one or multiple nights)

Then click on Search And the You will see a list of Who (Chalets, camps, rest houses, resorts, farms, villas, apartments )

  • Filter to facilitate the search process

You can also customize your search better by entering the filter at the top of the search results screen

o Click on the filter icon to facilitate the search process

o Select desired filter options such as (Property type - code code - neighborhood - pool type and others

o You can delete the filter data that you have entered By pressing the Reset button

  • Arranged to facilitate your search :

You can also sort the results by clicking on the Sort button and choose Sort Search Results from one of the following options:

o The closest to my site

o Top watch

o Top rated

o The highest price

o The least expensive

Second, view property information:

· When you enter a property, the property details - price - details will appear for you - And the time of entry and exit ,Reservation date and amendment date, and you can View Options - map by pressing it

· You will see the amount you are paying now, which is an amount DEPOSIT only, then Baldkht on the button to select the booking follow

  • Review your reservation before paying

o Review your reservation details (Date - time of entry, exit, etc.

o See reservation policy

o View bill details

o Add a discount code

After making sure booking press information follow - up to go to the step following

  • Payment method

We have multiple secure payment methods :

  • Payment method credit card or mada:

o Choose the payment method (credit card or mada)

o Click Add New Card

o Fill in the following information :

§ Card number expiry date- cvv The card symbol (you will find it on the back of the card), then press the Pay Now button

A message from the bank will be sent to you. Please enter the code to confirm the transaction

  • Payment method: Bank transfer: ( The conversion time is 30 minutes)

Follow the steps following the payment by bank transfer:

· Several banks will appear - select the bank you wish to transfer to, then click on Pay Now

  • You will see the account number and the IBAN
  • After transfer , fill in your payment information :

o The name of the account holder - the amount transferred to append image conversion to be your confirmation

  • View reservation:

After completing your reservation, you can view your reservations from the home page:

  • Click on the My Bookings icon
  • Click the View reservation details button
  • The reservation details will appear :

o Reservation number : This is the number for your reservation

o Booking details : the invoice is the amount, the payment, and the remaining amount

o Insurance: It is an amount paid online and is refunded after departure, with its terms (For details click here)

· You can share the reservation to your friends by clicking on the share button

· To contact the property, press the Call host button

  • To see the location, press the button Go to Chalet

How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed?

After successful completion of the reservation process , you can go to the My Reservations icon on the home page and verify the reservation details and reservation status

Also you will receive your booking number you through your email and booking receipt that contains all the information

How can I view my bill after booking?

  • From the main page, go to my reservations

· From your existing reservations list, click View reservation details

· By entering the reservation details, you will see the reservation invoice

  • Click on the My Bookings icon
  • Click on View Booking
  • Press the button to go to the property

How can I contact the property owner?

From the home page:

  • Click on the My Bookings icon
  • Click View Booking

· Then click on the "Contact" button

  • Click the Contact Host button

How can I know entry and exit times?

The entry and exit times differ from one property to another, and the entry and exit times for each property are shown in the details.

You can also find out the times of entry and exit of clicking on your reservations Hjosati from the page Home , and then click on the View Reservation

What is the cost when I use the application services and book by way?

Free, there are no additional charges for using the application services

How much do I pay to be confirmed?

Down payment amount only

The remaining amount and the deposit you pay at the place (the deposit will be refunded upon departure) The amount of the deposit varies from one property to another

How can I get the insurance back, when do I pay the insurance, and to whom do I pay it?

· The amount of insurance varies from one property to another, the insurance is paid at the place before entry and the insurance is returned upon exit, in the event that the property is sure of the safety of the place and the implementation of the agreed policies, the insurance will be recovered

· The property is responsible for receiving and returning the security deposit

How can I add a discount code?

On the reservation review page, click on the Bill Details button. The invoice details and the discount code will appear , enter the discount code and then click on Apply, the amount will be deducted automatically

What are the payment methods available in the application?

How do I cancel or amend my reservation?

Please check the property's policy to cancel your reservation before making any modification to your reservation. A "non-refundable" cancellation policy may be different.

1. Click on the My Bookings icon

2. View reservation

3. Click on the Cancel Reservation button

4. You will see the policy, click on I agree to cancel the reservation

How can I make sure that my reservation has been canceled?

After you cancel your reservation, you will see a message was Cancellations

You will send you a message via email to confirm it. Please check your email inbox / spam. If you do not receive any email, contact us .We are glad to help you on 0138352669 .

Will the amount be refunded when canceling my reservation?

If the policy allows for cancellation of the reservation and a refund, the amount will be refunded within 4 working days

  • If the policy is "non-refundable ", you will only be charged the deposit amount

You can verify your reservation policy by viewing the details of the cancellation and refund policy for each property before booking

How can I change my reservation date?

You can see the policy on the review page , does it allow modification of the reservation

When I pay by credit card / how much are the payments imposed?

If your payment was declined, it could be for one of the following reasons:

· If you exceed the card's credit limit. Therefore, we recommend that you ensure that there is sufficient balance (by checking your account balance or contacting your credit card provider) or you can use another card.

· In the event that you made a mistake in entering the credit card information when making the reservation, the card number , expiration date or incorrect password, please verify the information and try again. Or contact us for help

· In the event that an unsupported payment method is used through the site. Make sure that we accept your card type before making the payment. At the present time, you can book and pay via cards: Visa Card, MasterCard and Mada.

· If your credit card provider is unable to complete the payment due to a technical defect in the card. Please contact your credit card provider / or try again.

· In the event that your card has been suspended by the credit card provider because this payment differs from your usual daily payments in order to protect you, please try again later after contacting the provider and requesting the blocking of your credit card be lifted..

For inquiries, contact us at 920007858

Payment method in credit card or mada?

When you reach the payment page, choose the payment method (credit card or mada), then:

  • Click Add New Card
  • Fill in the information

How can I contact Renting Zone ?

· You can call us on 920007858 From clock 10 to the morning clock am 12 Seven days a week

customers service


9:30 am - 12:00 am

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