You can access the information personal that you provide them and reviewed and corrected and updated and modified from by logging on to your account and review the settings for your account and your profile . You can also access to or request correction of information personal for you , from through contact us on 0138910163 or e - mail support@renitng-sa.com To protect you , you may need to verify the identity before the implementation of your request . If you want to close your account , please contact us on 0138910163 or e - mail to support@renitng-sa.com Please note that we may need to retain certain information for record keeping , trust and safety , dispute settlement , payment , or other business purposes . It may be there is also information remaining will remain within the rules of our records and other , which will not be removed .

Change of ownership

In the event that we merge with another company or purchase it by another company , we may share information with them in accordance with privacy standards and applicable laws . .

Children's privacy

Our e are sites audience general , and our services is not dedicated to any person under the age of 18 years . We do not collect information personal from users under the age of 18 years for science . If the child has already provided us with personal information , the parent or guardian should contact us for the purpose of deleting this information or closing the account . Practice privacy party III : Policy Privacy This does not address only the use and disclosure of information personal that collected Rintnq Zone . Do not deal with the policy of the privacy of this we are not responsible for the privacy or information or practices other for any party to a third , including in that any party to the third works of any site or service associated with the services . The inclusion of a link in services does not mean implicit approval of the site or service associated with us or from by companies affiliated to us . If you disclose all information for your others , or if you have been redirected to a site Web party 's third , will be applied notices of privacy practices for them . No we can guarantee the privacy of your information or security once provided to the point of foreign , and we encourage you to evaluate the policies of privacy and security for your partner business and any parties external deal with or sites that you visit before entering the treatment and choose share information for your . Renting Zone welcomes your questions and comments about privacy , and what we do . Do not hesitate to contact us on 0138910163 or e - mail to support@renitng-sa.com If you need to reach us all by mail in what regards questions Privacy , please write us thank you for using Rintnq Zone !


We are either directly or from through the companies external Ooofrad communicate from in order to provide services to us or the collection or processing or keep information personal from you or from any devices may be used when you use our services . And it may include information personal which we collect the following :

Information personal that provided us ( either manually or automatically ) when access to our services :

Information identity personal , such as your name and your address and phone numbers of your phones and addresses e - mail when registration for the account with us ;

Information that provided during the implementation process or the content of another is based on the process that you create or information related to your account as a result of operations that are out , such as display car or rent a car from one of our users , add elements to your own your , and create presentations , or upload photos trip . Information Financial ( such as numbers card payment ) concerning the treatment of potential or actual , which is stored from before the party 's third provider services payment ;

Information account banking provided from by the owners of vehicles to receive payments , which are stored from before the party 's third company payments digital

In some cases , when you use our services , we may ask you to submit a photo photos and / or information demographic and other , such as a copy scanned scanned from a license driving or passport travel or card credit / debit , information and another , information account means of communication and social , license driver / car , information insurance , and other of the forms of information that determine the identity . As we ask you to withhold some information when providing us with personally identifiable information ( such as hiding or modifying all the last four digits of the payment card number ), please do so .

May we use the service pay from the point external to carry out operations of payment which are from through the platform . If you want to make a payment from through the platform , you may be collecting your personal from before this party and not from us , and will be subject to the policy of the privacy own party third , rather than the policy of the privacy of this . As we do not have control over that information , and we are not responsible for that information that may be used by the third party . If you send any personal information related to other people to us or to our service providers in relation to the services , you acknowledge that you have the authority to do so and allow us to use the information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. this is

If you choose to use the advantage of sharing the site ( which allows tenants and landlords share information with each other about their geographical ), Vsndjema data location geographic , including in this information site from your mobile and information about the location and movement of your car or the car that leases during the period of the lease on the basis of movement device mobile your own . If you have enabled the use of search document to the site , Vsndjema data location geographic , including in this information site from your mobile , for this purpose . Put in mind that most of the devices mobile allows you to control or disable the use of services Site of through any application on your mobile in the list of settings device .

If you communicate with the service customer for by phone , may we register call the phone for you to ensure quality , documentation and preservation of records , for the purposes of training . If you do not want to record calls phone for you , please not communicate with us over the phone instead of that communication with the support of customers across SUPPORT@RENITNGZONE-SA.COM .car.

If you had your car or the car that leased from through the platform includes a device in the car is operated by the service by the third or install it from by the lessor , it is the owner or provider of service registration information about your use of the car . Borne by the owner and the service party third responsibility fully for the use of such information . If you are the owner of a vehicle that includes such a device in the vehicle , you must inform any renter who shares your vehicle about the device .

When access to the platform we have , and we ( including the so companies that we are working with them ) may put files data small on your computer , your own or your last . May be files , the data of these files , the definition of a link or images clear or signs of pixels , or signs of electronic or " files defined link flash " or any storage local other provided by the browser or applications associated with it ( referred to together as the " files define the link "). We use these technologies to identify you as a customer . And customize our services , for content and marketing . To measure the promotional effectiveness ; To help to ensure not compromising the safety of your account ; To mitigate the risk and prevent fraud ; And enhance confidence and security through our services . For the information more detailed about our use of these techniques , please see the policy on file definition link , and beacons Web , and techniques similar

May we also collect any information personal and other choose to provide us , or we are allowed us or demanding collected under the law in force .

Information personal that we collect from sources other :

As you can also get the information about you from the parties to a third such office credit and services verification of identity where permitted the law so . You can choose logging on to our services from through the sites of networks of social ( on , for example , Facebook or Google ). When you do this , the means of communication and social will engage your personal with Rintnq Zone . Different information that may we receive depending on the location and are controlled where by this site . From through the link account managed by a party third with account Rintnq Zone 's your empowers Rintnq Zone access to this information , you agree to that Rintnq Zone may collect and store uses this information according to the policy of the privacy of this . We are not responsible for how to use these parties to the third and exchange of information personal for your . Please refer to these third- party privacy policies to understand how they use and share your personal information .

Preservation, use and processing :

Our primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide our users with a safe, smooth, efficient and customized experience . The For example , may we use your personal from the order :

• Providing rental zone services and customer support . • Implementation of transactions and send notices about the transactions for your . • verification of your identity , including in it during the creation of the account and re - set password password operations ; • resolving disputes , and collect fees , and troubleshoot errors and repair ; • management of risk , or disclosure of fraud or prevent and / or treat or not that of activities prohibited or is illegal ; • discovery or to prevent or address violations of policies or terms of service for us . • Improve services , including in it all through the allocation of the experience of the user . • Measuring service performance, improving content and planning . • Management and protection of infrastructure infrastructure technology information we have .

• enhance the environment trusted by more secure on our services , such as disclosure of fraud actual and potential activity damaging the other and the prevention of it , and conduct investigations and assess risk , and to impose our conditions and policies , and the verification of any documents identity submitted by you , and perform operations checking against databases of data and sources of information ( such as , on , for example , are not limited to , the rules of data government ) for the detection of fraud and the prevention of it , and the assessment of risk , and prevention of damage . In this regard , may we do any of or all of the above without notice more of information where permitted law applicable by it ;

• the provision of marketing target , and provide notices update service , and offers promotions on the basis of the preferences of communication for your . • Contact your in any number phone , all by making a call voice or from through messages text ( sms )Or e - mail , on as authorized by our Terms of Service . • conduct verification of merit credit and appropriate , and compared to information from order accuracy , and verification of it with the parties to a third . • seek to verify the identity , from through the use of examining the background or not so ; • We send you service and support messaging management , reminders , and notifications of technical updates , alerts and security , and information that requested by you ; • enables you to communicate with users of other Rintnq Zone , including the so on , for example , is not limited to all by sending messages or information other during the process of booking . • management programs , referral , bonuses , studies and surveys , contests , or other of the activities of promotional or events that sponsored • compliance of our obligations and legal , and resolving any disputes may be we have with any of our users , and the implementation of our agreements . • Implementation of any purpose other is detected for you who agree to it . • Implementation of any purpose other permitted by or required under the law , which may include laws outside the country of your .

May we , either directly or from through companies or individuals as a party to a third deal with them to provide services to us , contact you via means of electronic or telephone or e - mail to notify you about your account , or to investigate problems with your account , or to resolve a dispute , or to collect fees or money owed , or to explore the opinions of through studies exploratory or questionnaires , or to otherwise that things needed to service your account . In addition to this , we may contact you to offer coupons , Ooal_khasomat , or promotions , or inform you about the services provided by Rintnq Zone . Finally , you may contact you when necessary to enforce our policies or the law in force or any agreement may be we have with you . When you contact you via phone , to get you the most as much as possible of efficiency , may we use , and in accordance with the law applicable by , you agree to receive calls and messages text or placed automatically or as is described in the terms of service . Where was it appropriate and required under the law , may you refused to receive some communications . We keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary and relevant to our operations . In addition to that , may we keep the information personal of accounts closed to comply with the laws established by the detection of fraud or prevent or collect any fees due or resolving disputes or assist in the processing of claims or solving problems and repair assistance in the conduct of any achievement and commitment to conduct audits and investigations , and the imposition of terms Service , and other actions necessary , permitted , or required under applicable law .

May we use corporate ads belonging to parties external to display ads related to our services when access to services and sites Web other and use , based on the information concerning the possibility of access to services and sites Web other and use . To do so , you may put these companies or recognize files definition link unique to your browser ( including in it than through the use of signs pixels )

You have a choice about how we use your personal information to communicate with you , send you marketing information , and how to provide you with a personalized experience . Through the preferences of communication where you can control the ways in which we can from which contact you regarding your account , activities Tojerk , promotions , and advertising in the Department of notices within the account Rintnq Zone .


Will include a page offer information core , such as the name of the user / name associated with your account , and your picture public file profile , and for the lessors , the city that there are the cars , and description card data , and times of availability of the car and information relating to operations earlier , and transactions with related to the spectrum to allow our society assessment Moabeditk and the extent of the response , and review / responses do tenants about you . It may include the page display also information demand collected ( such as the number of times see page on over a period of time ) and information about the operations of the cancellation . The exposure of our services also site car geographical approximate to the owner on the map .

Allow our services to include pages View Profile General Pages lists the public in the engines search , and in this case can be indexed pages of your profile public pages and lists the public from through the engines search and can be deployed as results search .

Renting Zone enables car owners to present and lease their cars to other individuals . If agreed on the process of leasing from through the platform , may we submit your personal to the party the other in such treatment on it is necessary in a reasonable to facilitate the transaction . The For example , Yemen 's Rintnq Zone provide number phone mobile your own and / or information license driving to facilitate communication or image for your to facilitate the identification of identity . We will provide the vehicle address and / or the proposed delivery location . May we also share " photos trip " which carries the user with labels caption with the party the other on the process of the lease if the identification of this feature . Renting Zone users who are renting you may send you a text message ( such as to confirm receipt or to deliver the location ). The application fee phone standard text and data standard .

May we share information personal with suppliers and providers of services who share or are working with us in terms of running our services and functions to support customers who need to access to this information to carry out their work for us . In some cases , may the provider service collects information from you on behalf of us directly . For owners of cars who choose to use the program imaging photography we have , and will share information contact your own with the photographer in charge of filming your car .

Information about how you use the service can be collected and mixed with information about how others use the same service . Help us data collected in the understanding of trends and the needs of the users so that we can to consider are the best in the features of new or customize our services in a manner other . It may participate Rintnq Zone also information demographic aggregate with advertisers and partners . This policy does not restrict in any way or limit the collection and use of information that does not identify any individual .

May we disclose all of your personal to the members of the other of the family Rintnq Zone or the parties to the third , including the so providers of insurance and claims , as we believe it is necessary or appropriate : under the law applicable by , including in that laws outside the country required to provide insurance and services claims ; To comply with legal process ; To respond to the requests received from the authorities , the public and government , including the then authorities of public and government outside the country of stay ; To enforce the terms of service and policies are relevant ; To protect our operations or operations of any of the companies affiliated to us or users ; To protect our rights or our privacy or our safety or our property and / or the rights of companies affiliated to us or you or others . And allow us to pursue ways of redress available or limit the damages that may keep them we or our users .


This section describes some additional important privacy information related to your use of our services .

Transport across borders

The control in services and operated by us from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , and is not intended ones subject us to the laws or jurisdiction of judicial any state or country or territory is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . May be storing and processing information personal for your in any country where we have facilities or that your bulletin with providers of services where , and by using the services you agree to the transfer of information to countries outside the country of stay , including in this Kingdom Saudi Arabia , which may have its rules different to protect data From the rules of your country . As a result , this information may be subject to requests for access from governments, courts, regulatory agencies, and security or law enforcement authorities in those countries in accordance with the laws in those countries.

Sensitive information

We ask you not to send any information personal sensitive only if asked you that on the face of the selection ( such as numbers guarantee social or numbers insurance social or passports , travel or information concerning the origin of racial or ethnic or opinions of political or religion or membership of trade union or beliefs of other , or health , or measurements vital , or characteristics of genetic ) and are subject to the laws applicable to or from through the services or not so .

Important how you should use the information you receive on the rental zone :

You can use the information personal that you have the right of access to it only for the purposes of Rintnq Zone related transactions , or services other provided by through Rintnq Zone ( such as complaints and reports of claims and settlement of disputes and communication between users ).

Such as the use of information personal users to others who have the right of access to them for any purpose other violation of the terms of service . You are solely responsible for your use of any information character you find in our services , including the so on , for example , is not limited to , to comply with all laws in force when the use of this information .

E - mail is junk in it or the threat

We do not tolerate the abuse of the use of our services . Not have permission to add users to others to your list mailing ( e - mail or mail ) or call or send messages text to them for the purposes of commercial or sending messages is undesirable where or call / engage in transactions outside Rintnq Zone to avoid paying fees Rintnq Zone in full or in part .


Marketing at the time the current , do not respond to the signals " not tracking " in your browser . You have a choice about how we use your personal information to communicate with you , send you marketing information , and how to provide you with a personalized experience .

Personal information

As is the user in the policy of the privacy of this , the term " information personal " means the information that you know someone is specifically like the name or the address or number phone or address of the e - mail or account networks , social or defined T accounts and other . And it may include information personal also information demographic , such as date of birth , sex and region , geographical and identities of personal , when they are those information linked to information on personal and other identifies the individual or that allow identification of this person . Do not include information personal information " grouped ", a phrase from the data collected

About the use of services Rintnq Zone or around a group or class of products or services or users , if has removed all information personal or have been separated from the individual .


In a group Rintnq Zone International . ( Which is referred to as follows as the " Rintnq Zone " or " we ") care about issues of privacy and we want you to be a knowledgeable enough on how to collect information and use and disclosure of them . Which covers the policy of the privacy of this possibility of access to our sites and our applications ( " platform ") or use it , or when communicating with us or with users Rintnq Zone others on any device ( referred to them collectively as the " Services "), or when you provide us with information personal . From through the provision of information personal to us , you agree to the terms and provisions of the policy of the privacy of this .


We sought to develop measures for security are reasonable in an attempt to protect the information profile of access is authorized by or destruction or change during the presence under our control . However , not be any way of means of transport across the Internet , no way to store information , safely 100%. Therefore, we can not guarantee the absolute security of the personal information that we store .

Can access to information personal from by people within our organization , or from providers of services party third , who ask of this access for the implementation of the purposes referred to in the policy of the privacy of these , or purposes other may be permitted by or required by the law in force .

We are not responsible for disclosure is authorized by the information of personal or other of the information that caused by any party to a third .

Information your account can access it via the Internet from through the use of the word password . To protect the confidentiality of information personal , you must maintain the confidentiality of the word password and not to disclose them to any person else . You are responsible for all uses of our services than by any person who uses the word password or your account . Please let us know on the spot on Support@renitngzone-sa.com car .comIf you think that the word password for your have been abused used . We are not responsible for failure to comply with this requirement , or for any delay in the shut down your account after that reported for breach of security for us .

Log in

When logging on to our services , including in it than by logging on to through the networks of communication and social , such as Facebook or Google , will remain under entry / registration of entry to be recorded departure explicit from your account . If you are using a computer years or a joint , you must exit and / or clear the files definition link when you finish the use of our basic to protect your account and your personal . If you did not record out , you will be able you or any user other computer / browser which is recorded on it to watch your account and access to it , including the so accounts on the networks of social .


Are there any fees for using the platform on the web or the mobile app ?

The service is completely free. You can search for a car and view your car for rent for free.

How do I register as a tenant ?

Register for free! Just click on the "Register" button and enter your details.

How much does it cost to rent a car ?

Cars are priced differently according to the city and the type of car as we make sure that our prices are unique on all rental offers.

How can I collect the car ?

After confirming the reservation process, the lessee and the lessor will agree on the time and place (either the airport, the location of the owner or the location of the renter) to deliver the car. Don't forget to learn more about our car delivery service.

Who can drive the car when renting it ?

Only a renter registered on the rental agreement is entitled to drive the vehicle during the rental period. Any additional driver must be registered with users in order to be approved by to drive the vehicle during the rental period..

Are cars in the case of a valid work ?

All cars displayed on the Essar platform must be roadworthy and hold a valid driving license during the car rental period. Where the terms of use stipulate that, and in the event that car owners violate this order, they will be fined money and delete the car from the platform directly.

Do you have a tenant cleaning the car and re - provision of fuel when returned ?

Yeah. The renter must return the car in a clean condition and with the same amount of fuel that he received the car with.

If the I have a problem during the period of the rental car , do you can to contact someone what to get the help ?

Provides Isser service support to the landlords and tenants on the clock 24 hours 7 days in a week . If the you have any questions or need help while renting your car please contact on 0138352669

Are you paying tenants insurance ( Debozat ) when renting a car ?

Some landlords require a security deposit (debuset) to cover additional costs, if any, such as traffic fines, fuel fees, etc...

How can I pay the price of fuel , kilometers additional , or other of the issues that come during the trip ?

We understand that sometimes unforeseen things happen during the journey - we might forget to fill up your tank, or you might have gone too far. Fortunately, we have a payment tool that makes it easy for tenants to pay lessors directly. Within 72 hours of the end of the trip, renters are able to request money from you either due to a lack of fuel level or exceeding the mileage limit. Also, within 30 days of the end of the trip, tenants can request the collection of traffic fines, if any. Note that you will receive an email notification when the landlord requests to collect these amounts. You can pay the lessor directly through our website or send a message to the landlord using the application or website to object to it. In the event of an understanding, the owners can withdraw the requests if the two parties agree to a different amount after speaking. In the event that the tenant does not object or respond to the request within 72 hours, the request of the lessor will be automatically approved and the required amount will be collected.

If canceled the owner of the trip , or did not provide the car as he planned it ?

Do n't worry, we're always with you . In the case of a so please contact promising to Rintnq Zongly number 0138352669 to serve you . Note anh If canceled owner trip , or the failure to provide the car as he planned it , it is exposed to fines , and can be removed from the platform .

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